A Game Changer on Construction Sites – Meet the Magni RTH Range

Explore the world of precision and power with the remarkable Magni RTH Range, purpose-built as the ultimate solution for construction, civil, and mine sites. These cutting-edge rotating telehandlers represent a revolution in heavy lifting, seamlessly blending unmatched versatility with advanced technology. The Magni RTH range embodies reliability and functionality, making them true powerhouses.

Telescopic Handler l Off-Road Crane l Aerial Work Platform

The Magni RTH range redefines versatility with an extensive array of attachments, including forks, hooks, jibs, platforms, and more. These attachments seamlessly integrate with an advanced RFID automatic attachment recognition system, ensuring not only versatility but also efficiency and security. Magni RTH guarantees that versatility is optimised to meet the diverse needs of the future.

Safety takes centre stage through the application of a patented load control system. This system not only detects potential overload risks during operation but also intervenes proactively to prevent further complications, setting a new standard for operational security.

Beyond the impressive features of the Magni RTH Range, we are thrilled to introduce the 2024 Magni cabin upgrade. This upgrade offers operators enhanced comfort, safety, and efficiency, ensuring an even more productive work environment tailored to the rigorous demands of project sites.

  • LED Courtesy Light
  • Standard Roll-Up Sunblind
  • Pre-fitted Remote-Control Support/Cradle
  • Battery Charger
  • Air Vents with Faster Anti-Fog Function
  • Movable Armrests
  • Upgraded Interface with 3 New Modes: Dynamic, 360 View, and Standard
  • Heating and Air Conditioning System
  • Cup Holder
  • Enhanced Cabin Visibility
  • Rear Side Camera

Meet the Magni RTH 8.27

In stock and available now, the Magni RTH 8.27 represents a pinnacle of sophistication and high performance in rotating telescopic handlers, tailored specifically for construction and civil sites. This impressive machine effortlessly elevates loads to a staggering 27 metres while prioritising safety and stability through its independent outriggers.

Even in confined spaces common in mine sites, the scissor stabilisers redefine excellence. The machine’s intelligent programming optimises load charts on each side, even during partial stabilisation. When fully extended, they unlock the machine’s maximum performance potential over 360°, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Email sales@mctequip.com.au to learn more about the RTH range.

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