The team at MCT are always looking for better ways, whether it be equipment, systems or custom options. Over the years the team at MCT has had a prolific influence on industry-disrupting innovations, developed and built locally to ensure maximum safety and productivity of the equipment. We’re not afraid to throw our weight behind our innovations.

Given the harsh environmental conditions in Australia, these solutions go a long way to ensure machine longevity and efficiency.

So, if you are thinking differently and have an idea fit for your team, share it – if anyone can make a dream a reality, it will be the team at MCT Equipment.

Outrigger pads

Outrigger pads are critical to any effective operation – whether your daily operations rely on hard timber and poly outrigger pads or you require custom-made heavy lifting pads. MCT has the product to suit your application requirements.

Our solutions are all designed and manufactured locally to ensure your requirements are met to suit the demand of your machine’s application.


Storage of machine components is critical to the safe operation of machines, yet manufacturers push for greater capacity making ample storage space difficult. Here at MCT, we have used our ‘think different’ mantra to carefully design and build sufficient storage solutions for your machine.

Our timber and chains storage units are available for a large variety of machines, using machine-specific design and materials. The unique designs maximise space and weight, but also improve the load handling and accessibility as required for maximum performance.

Access & Handrail Systems

Whether you need a solution for a large mobile crane, or to redesign an OEM cab access – MCT has the answers. After years of developing leading systems with local manufacturers, the MCT team’s innovations ensure safe access and regress for a wide range of machines. Think different, lift different means pushing the boundaries to optimise performance for your machine and business. Call us today to see what ‘think different’ means for your business.



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