COVA Group Soars to Success with the Magni RTH 6.39: A Construction Breakthrough, Powered by MCT Equipment

When it comes to heavy lifting and reaching new heights in the Australian construction industry, the Magni RTH 6.39 telehandler stands tall as Australia’s largest rotational telehandler. Designed to tackle the most challenging projects with its powerful twin-power engine, safety features, and versatility, this massive machine has caught the attention of industry leaders. COVA Group, in Western Australia, is one of the first to benefit from its incredible capabilities.

Recently acquiring a Magni RTH 6.39, COVA Group couldn’t be happier. They share their experience of working with this innovative telehandler and the company behind it, MCT Equipment.

COVA Group faced a challenging construction project with specific height and reach requirements and confined spaces. They needed a machine that not only met these demands but also ensured the safety of their team, and the performance to reach and eliminate harmful diesel fumes into the environment.

“The Magni RTH 6.39 was the only machine that met our height and reach requirements while meeting all our safety requirements for the project,” Danny Deale Construction Manager at COVA Group explains. “MCT was fully across the requirements and had expert industry knowledge.”

One of the standout features of the Magni RTH 6.39 is its versatility. Danny points out, “The ability to have a multipurpose machine meant that utilisation will be doubled – we would have otherwise had 2 separate machines, adding unnecessary costs to the project.”

“MCT’s willingness to provide solutions to our very unique challenges was a key part in our project success,” says Danny. The company offered custom attachment solutions that seamlessly integrated with the Magni’s safety system.

In addition to its versatility and safety features, the Magni RTH 6.39 boasts an innovative “Twin Power” electric motor that can be powered via an external power source. This not only reduces carbon monoxide risks when the machine operates indoors but also results in substantial diesel cost savings. Danny adds, “It means we will save a lot on diesel costs with the machine not having to be running while the boom is in the air, without compromising performance or machine capacity.”

Danny also commended MCT Equipment for their prompt responses and problem-solving approach. “MCT were prompt with providing responses and solutions to our many questions, and the machine arrived as per the agreed date,” says Danny. MCT Equipment and Magni were critical partners in the project’s development and success.

The Magni RTH 6.39 isn’t just a telehandler; it’s a high-reach solution for construction and industrial sites. With its impressive 38.9m lifting height, scissor stabilisers, and inclination corrector, it offers unmatched stability on any terrain. Whether partially or fully extended, it ensures the best load chart and maximum performance in a 360° range.

Its RFID system allows seamless compatibility with various attachments, making it perfect for diverse construction and industrial applications. If you need a telehandler that combines top-notch performance, safety, and environmental consciousness, the Magni RTH range is your answer. COVA Group’s success story speaks volumes.

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