JMG Electric Cranes Land in Australia: MCT Equipment Unveils Latest Crane Technology

In a significant leap forward for lifting technology in Australia, MCT Equipment based in Henderson, WA, proudly holds the National distributor rights for JMG Electric Cranes, an innovative Italian manufacturer that is challenging traditional lifting solutions. This partnership provides a glimpse into the future of efficient, sustainable, and adaptable machinery within the industrial sector including maintenance and engineering workshops in the mining and construction industry, shipbuilding yards, food industries, ports, marine, and much more.

With an unrivalled operational endurance of 8 hours, the JMG Electric Cranes redefine the meaning of a day’s work. Contributing significantly to reducing environmental impact with zero emissions and marking a conscious step towards a cleaner and greener future. Operating with remarkably lower noise emissions compared to traditional diesel counterparts.

Versatility is a testament to these cranes, seamlessly adapting to 25 different fields offering an efficient, capable, and compact alternative to traditional lifting solutions. The pick-and-carry machines meet both lifting and handling needs with extraordinary performance, precision in movement, quick setup times, and guaranteed operator safety.

The spotlight falls on the JMG MC85, MCT Equipment’s first customer machine to arrive in Australia. Designed with precision, this machine guarantees 8 hours of relentless performance, an 8,500kg capacity for heavy-duty tasks, a telescopic boom for extended reach, a complete LMI system for precision, and front-wheel drive with counter rotation for superior manoeuvrability.

In addition to these features, the JMG Electric Crane product line offers an innovative solution designed to last with very low maintenance costs. Serving as a great alternative to traditional forklifts and capable of replacing heavy-lifting cranes, these electric cranes have proven to outperform the most common equipment in the market.

The full product range introduces a range of Radio Remote-Controlled range [capacities from 2.5ton to 70ton] designed to perform optimal manoeuvres in narrow spaces, ensuring total safety of movements for operators. The Cabin-Cruise range [capacities from 8.5ton to 70ton] and Lige range [capacities from 4ton to 12ton] offers direct control options and electric battery-operated pick-and-carry capabilities for agile and precise performances, even in confined spaces.

The Carry Deck range [capacities from 10ton to 50ton] is designed to meet the need for agility and control, with an articulated telescopic boom making them ideal for industrial maintenance. Additionally, the Telescopic Forklift range [capacity of 12ton] is compact and easy-to-handle designed to integrate the 8-ton hydraulic fork and the 12-ton max capacity.

Completing the product line is the Lifter range [capacities from 400kg to 900kg] featuring an innovative steering system that guarantees agility, precision, and simultaneous movements. Extremely compact and easy to manoeuvre, these lifter cranes are fully dismountable and therefore easy to transport.

Additional Features for the full range include:

  • Multiple attachment options such as a mechanic jib, hydraulic jib, hydraulic winch, hydraulic fork, glass manipulator, vacuum, man bucket, and more
  • 3 settings on the boom head – 0, 40, and 80 degrees
  • Radio-remote control options for enhanced operator convenience
  • Onboard high frequency battery charger for efficient charging
  • Telemetry for monitoring and tracking performance
  • Non-marking tyres to prevent floor markings
  • Removable counterweights
  • Counter rotation on front wheels including 180-degree rear steering

As we forge ahead in this era of lifting technology, MCT Equipment anticipates the widespread deployment of these cutting-edge pick-and-carry cranes across various industries throughout Australia.

Full product line: https://mctequip.com.au/product-category/jmg/

About MCT Equipment

MCT Equipment supply and maintain both new and used mobile cranes, telehandlers, and associated lifting products throughout Australia. Across construction, mining, infrastructure, and marine lifting settings, MCT Equipment’s key focus is on innovation, safety, and efficiency.

About JMG Electric Cranes

JMG Cranes is a Italian manufacturer of electrical battery-operated pick-and-carry cranes. Since 2010, JMG Cranes has seen immense growth across all aspects of their business and is rapidly emerging as a leader in the industry. Not constrained or bound by industry norms, JMG Cranes has developed a product on instinct and demand that has exceeded expectations.



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