Local Innovation Meets Global Expertise with the Launch of Magni by LIFTR: Developed by MCT Equipment and CME Boilermaking Services

MCT Equipment and CME Boilermaking Services proudly announce the launch of Magni by LIFTR, unveiling the HTH 16.10U heavy telehandler, purpose-built for the toughest mining environments.

This machine is fit with a Strenex 700 Exo Skeleton for high impact protection, along with an array of features including a fitted work basket, OEM-approved design, and a whopping 1,250kg maximum capacity at a 12m height. With front and rear high-impact frames, a 360-degree camera view, and remote-control capabilities, the Magni HTH 16.10U sets a new standard for safety and efficiency.

Partnering with Magni, LIFTR has enhanced the HTH 16.10U’s durability without altering its core systems. This collaboration has resulted in a machine that excels in underground environments, paired with heavy-duty attachments to match its robust capabilities. LIFTR’s mission is clear: to deliver specialised equipment and ancillary projects to the mining industries of Australia and Indonesia, utilising Magni’s global expertise and LIFTR’s local innovation.

The HTH 16.10U meets full OEM specifications and Australian design compliance ensuring the machine’s integrity and enhancing safety. LIFTR is developing a range of attachments and applications to expand their capabilities.


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