Magni is the best choice – pure Italian passion

‘Made in Italy’ is becoming a sought-after label

After following in his father’s footsteps and with 30 years of experience behind him, Italian native Riccardo Magni founded Magni Telescopic Handlers, in 2012 and started producing their first telescopic handlers in January 2013.

Early in his career, Magni saw that the market was in need of fundamental technological improvements to meet the ever-increasing safety standards and improved services laid down by new regulations and international clients.

Since production started in 2013, they’ve produced 16 models – the widest range of rotating telescopic handlers currently within the market. They’ve also got eight fixed, heavy-duty models and a range of eleven fixed telehandlers. As a testimony to Magni’s success, in the last two years Magni has created not only the two tallest rotating telescopic handler models in the world but also the model with the highest payload.

Magni’s rapid success is attributed to their understanding of their market, their ability to get ahead of the game and their undeniable Italian precision and skill.

What makes Magni different?

While the brand name, Magni, is fast becoming the go-to favourite for telescopic handlers, there’s no doubt as to why. The Magni team are dedicated to their values, namely drive, quality and craftsmanship. Magni doesn’t just produce to industry standards, but surpasses them. Their products often supersede market averages in quality and safety, all the while their product range is continuously expanding and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Magni Drive

Magni strives for continuous advancement and solutions within the market. They have an internal Research and Development team that makes sure their clients experience less down time, and more time to manage their own businesses. Magni also makes sure to handpick the right manufacturing partners and select staff who specialise in their key function, allowing their clients to experience unprecedented levels of expertise.

Magni Quality

Magni understands the need for meticulousness when it comes to selecting raw materials, therefore they push to attain the highest quality at all stages of production. Each product is a true Italian masterpiece.

Magni Innovation

The Italian telescopic handler giant combines craftsmanship with innovation and technology to constantly improve and better their products. Riccardo Magni says that their secret lies in precision. “Having clear ideas is vital: We need to know where we want to go and what we want to create.”

Magni Craftsmanship

Magni’s outstanding artistry comes from the Italian tradition of manual skills and custom-built products. ‘Italian-made’ is now becoming synonymous with unique and advanced products especially within the innovative machinery space.

Magni, available in WA and NT, at MCT Equipment

In 2021, Perth-based lifting equipment company, MCT Equipment expanded their existing support operations to include supply, parts, and support for Magni, with exclusive distribution rights in Western Australia and Northern Territory. MCT place emphasis on innovation and efficiency and their partnership with Magni will see new heights for telescopic handlers in Australia. MCT offers lifting equipment for the construction, mining, infrastructure, and marine industries.

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