MCT Equipment Secures National Electric Crane Distribution Rights with JMG.

8-hours of work non-stop with zero emissions, the future of lifting really has arrived. MCT has secured the Australian distribution rights for JMG, an Italian manufacturer whose innovative electric, battery operated pick and carry cranes are challenging conventional lifting solutions.

With the obvious benefit of zero emissions, the electric lifting alternative is also proving a game-changer in noise sensitive environments, operating with significantly lower noise emissions when compared with its diesel counterparts.

When asked why JMG, Anthony Grosser, Managing Director of MCT Equipment, commented “At MCT, it’s critical that we’re at the forefront of technology and innovation in the lifting industry. The electric, battery operated model not only stacks up in sustainability but it requires less maintenance and is a safer alternative on site.”

With far fewer moving parts than a diesel-powered crane, there are minimal opportunities for something to go wrong. JMG machines produce less heat by default, and without need for flammable fuels you completely remove safety risks associated with ignition.

Grosser added that “the JMG range provides greater choice and flexibility to our clients. It’s our mission to be the leader in alternative lifting solutions in ANZ, the JMG range delivers on our commitment.”

Offering an efficient, capable and compact alternative to traditional forklifts and heavy-lifting cranes, JMG Cranes’ pick-and-carry machines meet both lifting and handling needs with ease. The machines are a convincing choice for their extraordinary performance, precision in their movement, quick setup times and guaranteed operator safety. The cranes offer a lifting capacity of between 2.5 tonnes and 70 tonnes and can be used across a wide range of industrial applications.

The machines offer a number of impressive features including 360° range of movement, 8-hours of operational battery time, zero noise emission and zero CO2 emission. Each crane is equipped with a patented proportional boom extension that enables millimetric precision in loading and lifting operations.

With a focus on innovative lifting solutions that leave the smallest possible environmental footprint, MCT Equipment’s move to partner with JMG Cranes was an obvious choice. Grosser stated that the partnership came about because JMG Cranes offer “a flexibility and choice to the Australian market that is unrivalled”.

Grosser and the team at MCT Equipment, including his son, James Grosser, are eager for the partnership with JMG Cranes to provide new lifting solutions for the Australian construction, mining, agriculture and heavy equipment hire sectors. Sourcing renewable energy options from around the globe forms an integral part of MCT’s business strategy to ‘think different, lift different’.

About MCT

MCT Equipment, Perth’s premier provider of innovative mobile lifting equipment and auxiliary services, has secured exclusive Australian distribution rights for JMG Cranes throughout Western Australia and the Northern Territory. MCT Equipment’s support services extend to servicing and maintenance, major inspections, refurbishment and parts supply. This is a powerful partnership, with both businesses oriented towards a sustainable future for the lifting industry.

About JMG

JMG Cranes is a trailblazing Italian manufacturer of electrical battery-operated pick-and-carry cranes. Since 2010, JMG Cranes has seen immense growth across all aspects of their business and is rapidly emerging as a leader in the industry. Not constrained or bound by industry norms, JMG Cranes has developed a product on instinct and demand that has exceeded expectations.

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