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Demolition grab

Clamp used for primary demolition of reinforced concrete and for working at extreme heights. The continuous hydraulic rotation facilitates positioning of the equipment, while the robust dual ball race slewing bearing ensures strength and increases safety. The powerful cylinders develop enormous force which is then increased and transferred to the jaws by a unique mechanism. The special teeth profile maximises penetration, keeping the tips sharp for longer. The system with double central pin ensures improved opening and increases the force transferred to the tips, even with the jaws completely open. The rebar cutters are interchangeable and can be used on four sides before they need replacing. The patented Speed-Valve increases productivity and protects the hydraulic system from peaks of pressure.

This attachment is available for RTH, TH ranges and HTH 10.10 model.

The OPT-02-022 “Double Hydraulic Output at the Boom Head” and the OPT-03-005 “Protection Grid for Windshield”, required to use the clamp, must be ordered separately.

2,000 kg
Clamp rotation
Maximum opening
450 mm
Automatic attachment recognition
Mining & Quarrying

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