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Snow Blade

Snow plough attachment featuring steel load-bearing structure and quick-coupling counterplate to DIN 76060/A, or alternatively a three-point coupling structure for front three-point hitches as typically found on agricultural machinery.

Front wing made from two 100% steel sections. Scraper blade with six independent sections in wear-resistant steel.

Impact mitigation system featuring steel springs with adjustable force on each individual sector of the scraper blade. These flex backwards (against the direction of travel) in the event of a collision.

Powder-coated steel load-bearing structure, with special rustproofing treatment and RAL 2011 (orange) final enamelling. Black HDPE wing.

Overpressure valve to damp lateral impacts, R2 piping with unified quick fittings and couplings. The transformable LTL blade can be set in a wedge position, inclined blade facing to the left or right, or inverse wedge (spoon shaped).

For the HTH range, this attachment is suitable only for HTH 16.10 and HTH 27.11 models.

Automatic attachment recognition
Attachment Weight
900 kg
Height in the Center
980 mm
Height External Side
1.150 mm
Working Width
3.47 mt
Max. Width While Moving
4.00 mt

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