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Remote Control For Tree Cutting With Display

Remote control equipped with a practical color display which shows all boom geometric data to the user on the ground, increasing safety on the operator side. Possibility to operate the tree cutting attachment directly with a button positioned on the remote control. The remote control uses the Bluetooth system and can be used all over the world without particular restrictions.

Operations with the remote:

  • machine start/stop
  • turret rotation
  • boom out/in
  • boom up/down
  • hare/turtle mode
  • emergency pump
  • increase/decrease RPM
  • emergency stop
  • control for valves at boom head
  • boom out mode M1 and M2 (only RHT6.46)
  • remote drive
  • Stabilizers up/down (automatic stabilizing and levelling)
  • machine movement forward/backward
  • machine movement left/right
  • 6 programmable keys for additional functions
  • dedicated joystick for tree cutting
  • grab rotation (vertical axix)
  • close/open grab
  • saw on/off operation

Information available on the remote:

  • remote control battery level
  • indicator for machine pairing
  • Indicator for % of anti tilting system
  • indicator of activation of the valve at the boom’s head
  • attachment confirmation from remote
  • machine status (alarms/engine etc. same as page 1 on display)
  • info on load status (boom position, angle, maximum load, actual load Kg)

This optional is suitable for RTH and TH ranges.

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